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Uchwyt magnetyczny NEOSPHERE

Magnetic clamping balls NEOSPHERE are used to attach parts for laser welding, polishing and fitting to the optimum working position. Depending on the geometry and weight of the the workpiece can be set to the tilt angle up to 90 °.


Powerful magnetic chuck is turned on by hexagonal T-wrench, which is supplied with the delivery. By turning of the key by 120 ° is magnetic chuck fully activated. By repositionning of the workpiece is also possible partial activation of magnetic chuck. High quality NEOSPHERE is composed of polyamide ball body, which is fitted with a fine magnetic chuck with a mild polarity.


The parametrs of new plant

  • approximately 1700m2 of the area


  • 2 bridge cranes of loading capacity – 10 and 50 tons


  • 2  spotting machines
  • TUS100 -  weight of a mold up to 10 tons
  • TUS200 -  weight of a mold up to 10 tons


  • the specialized workplaces
  • to laser and TIG welding
  • to polishing
  • to electrochemical metal coating
  • we make and sell the cleaning unit


We would like to complete new plant until 2015 of:

  • next diode laser
  • surface grinding machine
  • 5 axis milling machine for tht parts of the weight 1000 kg
  • support engeneering

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