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Mikro-spawania laserowe

(Laser micro-weld in protective atmosphere of argon)

Application: Full size weld with a same properties as a pulse micro-weld.

  • weld deposits of of complex, small and hardly accessible shapes
  • properties and types of additive materials are the same as for pulsed micro-weld


Additive material:

  • wide range of optional additive materials according to the needs of individual tools
  • i.e. tool steels Mat. Ne 1,1520 – 1,3395, toughness 36 to 63 HRC
  • materials with a diameter of 0,2 to 0,8 mm
  • possibility to weld unknown and difficult to weld steels
  • alloy of bronze - additional materials for all commonly used alloys AMPCO
  • aluminium alloys - additional materials depending on the composition of the base material

The parametrs of new plant

  • approximately 1700m2 of the area


  • 2 bridge cranes of loading capacity – 10 and 50 tons


  • 2  spotting machines
  • TUS100 -  weight of a mold up to 10 tons
  • TUS200 -  weight of a mold up to 10 tons


  • the specialized workplaces
  • to laser and TIG welding
  • to polishing
  • to electrochemical metal coating
  • we make and sell the cleaning unit


We would like to complete new plant until 2015 of:

  • next diode laser
  • surface grinding machine
  • 5 axis milling machine for tht parts of the weight 1000 kg
  • support engeneering

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