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The equipment is a compact unit, which consists of the tank for the active chemical substance Polybetalux Clean, the collecting tray, the pipes, the valves, the stainless-steel heating spiral, the thermostat and the pump. The entire device is equipped with two fixed and two revolving castors for easier handling.For visual checking of the flow, the device is equipped with flow meters according to the number of cooling circuit cleaned. The entire construction is welded of PP boards and thus forms a self-supporting unit without the need of a supporting frame. The pipes enable so-called internal circuit (by switching of valves), which serves for perfect mixing of water with the concentrate at starting of new working fill and for faster heating of the fill to the working temperature, which is 50 degrees C.


Standardly produced cleaning units have 6, 12 or 18 circuits. We are able to respond to the customer's request and we can construct the unit with more circuits, with nonstandard number of circuits or with a two tanks(tank for active chemicals and tank for flushing water) – see more in prototypes galery. The device is fitted with a chemically resistant hose with a diameter 13/20 mm and length 4 meters for every circuit.


The initial Ph level of the clean solution is 1.5 - 2. Time of exposure 4-6 hours depending on soiling of mold and on size of form. Continuous check of Ph - by means of a litmus paper. After reaching Ph 4-5 it is necessary to replace the cleaning fill with new. PAfter switching the valves to the working position, the active chemical flows to the cooling circuits of the mould and returns through the pipe back to the tank. In larger aggregates is the ability to select individual cassettes of flowmeters – example: with 18-Circuit unit can be cleaned only with a 6 or 12 circuits. The device is fitted with a quick coupling for compressed air. This can blow the remaining chemicals from the forms and circuits back into the tank. In case of the unit with two tanks (tank for activechemicals and tank for flushing water) you can easily switch the valves to flush the circuit system of molds and flush the unit with flushing water.



Full documentation is included with the machine:

  • Manual - description of equipment, technical parameters, attachable concentrations of active chemical, commissioning, cleaning, end of cleaning, inspection and disposal of used active chemical solution
  • Operating Instructions
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Material Safety Data Sheet of active chemicals
  • Electrical inspection report
  • Diagram of electrical circuits
  • Training of operators

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prototypes of units

The volume of

operational fillings:

120 l


pump output:

20 - 90 l / min

The volume of

operational fillings:

160 l


pump output:

50 - 180 l / min

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